Katrina Rank
Director of education and life long learning, Ausdance Victoria

The workshop, Exploring Visualisation and Imagery in Dance with the Franklin Method, by Bea Glendenning was an eye opener and changed more than a few participants’ lives. By applying a range of techniques from carefully chosen metaphors to anatomical visualisation, participants experienced first hand the power of words, thoughts and images on the performance of movement. Bea was able to open up a world of possibility. She is a gifted and extremely knowledgeable presenter who comfortably teaches adults from a range of background experience.

This workshop is suitable for anyone with an interest in creating ease of movement in good alignment.

Tamara Searle 

Dance Informa Magazine

The results in the participants were outstanding: less pain, more mobility, less effort, more function and more precision.  The Franklin Method taught this way has clear potential to transform awareness and perception of movement, maximise function and minimise injury. It has applications in all human movement disciplines, from the athlete to the civilian walking, from injury prevention to maximising economical function and energy use.

Dana Jolly

It’s about time the correlation between the mind and physical movement in dance were properly explored.  Fascinating subject matter and coherently taught. Feeling inspired and ready for the next workshop!


I came along to ‘Functional Feet’ to learn things that would help my dancing daughter, not thinking I would learn anything for myself and my ankle pain.  But I experienced that small changes can make a big difference! I’m walking out with a better understanding of my own physiology and practical things to do to help it.  Thank You!


The Franklin classes with Bea really helped me to understand the mechanics of my movement in a relatable way. As a result I’ve noticed a great improvement in my freedom and efficiency across all types of physical activity.