Katrina Rank
Director of education and life long learning, Ausdance Victoria

The workshop, Exploring Visualisation and Imagery in Dance with the Franklin Method, by Bea Glendenning was an eye opener and changed more than a few participants’ lives. By applying a range of techniques from carefully chosen metaphors to anatomical visualisation, participants experienced first hand the power of words, thoughts and images on the performance of movement. Bea was able to open up a world of possibility. She is a gifted and extremely knowledgeable presenter who comfortably teaches adults from a range of background experience.

This workshop is suitable for anyone with an interest in creating ease of movement in good alignment.

Allie E

For over a decade I have suffered from chronic back pain. In early 2016 I met Bea, after having exhausted a number of different avenues to relieve my pain. Bea’s use of the Franklin Method and the way she teaches has consistently reduced my pain levels. Her attention to detail, knowledge of the Method, and the human body has meant she is able to work precisely with an individual and tailor her approach to focus on their specific needs. As a result, for me, Bea has been able to alleviate my ongoing pain, which has improved my quality of life.


I have done a couple of Franklin workshops with Bea and can honestly say I am moving more mindfully now that I understand how the body is meant to move! I found the imagery very powerful and use it not only in everyday movements but also more intensive exercise.

Murray T

Bea’s incredibly effective communication of the Franklin Method tenets helped me overcome an ITB issue. The biomechanical understanding I gained has made a huge difference to my training and recovery, through improved proprioception and visualisation. Thanks Bea!


I have a lumber spine ruptured disk and have struggled with pain and immobility for the last 2 years. Working with Bea really helped me to understand how to move more efficiently and embrace the way my body was designed to move. I had spent years tensing my back to protect it not realising this was counter productive. I feel much freer these days, with greater confidence in my back, and less pain days!


The Franklin classes with Bea really helped me to understand the mechanics of my movement in a relatable way. As a result I’ve noticed a great improvement in my freedom and efficiency across all types of physical activity.