Bea is a mind, body and movement educator with a passion for teaching everyone the ability to move with ease and efficiency.  Her approach to teaching combines skills she has gained through her personal sporting pursuits and her study and work in Pilates, Educational Psychology and the Franklin Method.  Bea’s movement classes use educational tools and dynamic imagery to help each participant gain a lasting understanding of their body’s design, function and biomechanics.

Bea’s interest in mental and physical health began in her early teens when she aspired to become an Olympic mogul skier.  Amongst her skiing peers she was not the most obvious choice to move up the rankings list.  However, spurred by a belief that anything can be taught, she continually sought out new and innovative training techniques to improve her competitive edge; including studying an honours degree in Psychology at RMIT University.  She went on to represent Australia in international competition across Europe and North America.   When she retired from competitive skiing her desire to continue evolving her own physical capabilities lead her to study Pilates.  She completed her APMA Instructors course at the Physicalmind Institute in 2002 and has been teaching Pilates ever since.

In 2007 Bea returned to University to study her Masters Degree in Educational and Developmental Psychology at Monash University.  She had a particular interest in exploring further her understanding of the connection between body and mind.  In 2012 Bea became a registered Educational and Developmental Psychologist with the Psychology Board of Australia.

In 2014 Bea was fortunate enough to find herself living with her family in Paris.  Here she was able to begin her training with Eric Franklin, in the Franklin Method.  The Franklin Method is at the forefront of movement education.  Its unique approach to teaching dynamic alignment, and how to move the body with maximum efficiency, is earning it world wide recognition across many disciplines (for example, Dance, Pilates, Yoga and Physiotherapy).  It is now being taught all over the world including at the University of Vienna and the Juilliard School in New York.

Nowadays Bea divides her time between her family, teaching movement and her new sporting passion of distance running.  She completed her first marathon in Paris in 2015, attributing the imagery skills she learnt during her Franklin Method training with getting her across the finish line.