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Pelvic Power

Pelvic Power

Master the art of cueing the Pelvis and Hips for strength and flexibility

taught by 

Bea Glendenning 

Teaching core strength has become a cornerstone skill behind most of today’s movement practices, be it Pilates, Yoga, Dance or Personal Training. 

In the last 20-years very little has shifted in the cueing of the core, which has not kept up with developments in our knowledge of biomechanics. 

It’s still very common to hear the following being used:

“Pull belly button to spine”,

“Lift the pelvic floor and hug the lower abs in”,

“Zip up the front of the pelvis”,

“Squeeze the pelvic floor to start a movement”,

“Squeeze the base of the bottom”.

What’s wrong with the above cues?  The problem is that at times they prevent core stability by inhibiting our clients from moving to their full potential, regardless of their skill level or goals.  This statement may feel controversial to many well-trained movement educators.  Therefore the purpose of this professional development workshop is to experience for yourselves the difference a simple shift in cueing can make to movement capacity.  Here’s a short video demonstrating this:

YouTube Link

The workshop will take the Franklin Method approach to experiencing the bone rhythm of the pelvis and hips.  We’ll explore ranges where traditional cueing continues to be accurate and evolve the cueing in ranges where the words we are using are causing restriction.

Use the BOOK NOW link to secure your place for the EARLY BIRD rate of $120, UNTIL 10 pm Sunday 28th April.  After this date the price elevates to $160.

Got a Question?

Ask Bea:  m.me/ICanMoveAU


May 10 2019


Date: May 10, 2019
Time: 12:30 pm - 3:00 pm
Cost: $160


The Space Dance & Arts Centre

318 Chapel Street
Prahran, Vic 3181 Australia

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(03) 9529 3949

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