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Moving Meditation: Full Series

Moving Meditation


Pilates Plus Highett

taught by

Bea Glendenning

Full Series

Moving Meditation is for anyone keen to lift their Pilates practice to the next level.  Instead of speeding up, or adding physical challenge, we’ll be slowing things down and adding mental clarity.  You’ll experience the precise rhythm of movement between your muscles bones and fascia and how to channel your attention to achieve beautiful efficiency and flowing movement.  Be prepared to feel amazed by how a simple shift in attention can improve flexibility, strength and power in an instant!  This series is best enjoyed in its entirety, but we understand that the perfect world doesn’t always exist so come to one class or come to them all, we leave the choice up to you.

2/ 8th May: Pelvic Power – A Hip Story

Gain clarity and understanding of your hip joints and how they interrelate with your pelvis. 

3/ 15th May: Pelvic Power – Core Control

Discover all the joints of the Pelvis and how they work together to create pelvic stability.

4/ 22nd May: Pelvic Power – The Sacroiliac Joints

Experience the wonder of your sacroiliac joints, how they aid hip movement and impact core stability.

5/ 29th May: Foot Fundamentals – The Basics

Discover the joint’s of your feet and the extraordinary process they travel through every time you take a step, and how these beauties set up efficient movement through the whole body   

6/ 5th June: Foot Fundamentals – The Ankle Joints 

Strengthen your ankles for a powerful push off and soft fluid landing.  Prepare to be amazed at the amount of precise movement that happens here!

7/ 12th June: Foot Fundamentals – Knee’s and Feet

Experience how the feet and knee’s work together to give the whole lower limb power and absorption in equal measure.

8/ 19th June: Knee Knowledge – The Basics     

Knee’s get a bad wrap these days, when was the last time you said something good about them?  This class will change all that, expect to walk out in appreciative awe of your knee’s.

9/ 26th June: Knee Knowledge  – Patellar Tracking

Discover the journey the patella (knee cap) goes on with every step you take and how to use your attention to influence its adventure.

May 08 2019


Date: May 8, 2019
Time: 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm
Cost: $224


Pilates Plus Fitness Studio

360 Highett Rd, VIC 3190
Highett, VIC 3190 Australia

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(03) 9532 1141

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Bea Glendenning
Phone: 0407 312 544