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Franklin Method Professional Training

Join us for the FIRST EVER

Franklin Method Professional Training

in Melbourne!

Who’s Teaching it?

Morten Dithmer is the Director of Education and Master Teacher Trainer of the Franklin Method. From Tokyo, Copenhagen, Sao Paolo to New York, Morten teaches all over the globe.

Course Format

The course will be delivered over four 5-day intensives.

Module A:


March 4th-8th, 2020

The course begins with learning how to practically optimise training and body usage, using both body and mind.  These principles will then applied to the experience of the pelvis and its vital role in healthy movement.  Discover the interplay between the bones, joints and muscles of the pelvis through embodying the relationship between the hip-joints, pelvic floor & spine. 

Module B:


May 27th -31st, 2020

Experience the uniqueness of your spine’s design as it weaves through movement, posture and breathing.  This module covers everything from balancing the spinal curves, to experiencing the dynamic intervertebral discs.  Enjoy a refreshed understanding of what the spine needs to be healthy along with how it all relates to the core.

Module C:


September 16th – 20th, 2020

Using anatomical understanding, touch and imagery you’ll establish a clear map of the 3-D design and functionality of the shoulder girdle.  We’ll then delve deeply into natural breathing, giving you the most beneficial tool to improve physical, psychological and emotional health.

Module D:


November 11th – 15th, 2020

Using tactile and mental awareness, we’ll unpack the intricacies & efficiencies of the knee and how it adapts to both stability and mobility functions.  We’ll then round the training out with learning how to organise the dynamic base that is your feet.  Leaving you with an integrated understanding of the key relationships in movement between, feet, knees, hips, pelvis, spine and shoulders!



Secure your place in the course with a $1,000 deposit.

The full course cost for bookings made by Oct 31st 2019 is $5,500. 

Cost of course after this date is $6,750.

* Payment Plan Available *

* All prices listed are in AUD *


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What is the Franklin Method?

Franklin Method is a revolutionary, cutting-edge, force in the world of movement and health.

The three key components it covers are:

How your body is fundamentally designed to move from the inside out.  Using a functional hands-on approach to integrating anatomy and biomechanics, you’ll discover the key relationships between bones, muscles and organs.

How to work in when you work out.  Through applying the evidence-based know-how of Dynamic Neurocognitive Imagery (DNI) you’ll experience how to use the mind to improve movement and create lasting change.

The pedagogy of embodiment.  We all learn best through doing.  Franklin Method takes a student-centred approach, where you are guided through your own experience of your body’s design, function and anatomy.  Giving you a unique perspective on how to effectively create positive change in movement, health and performance.   

Who’s doing it?

Franklin Method Educators around the globe include pilates instructors, dancers, dance teachers, physiotherapists, personal trainers, functional movement educators, athletes, coaches and yoga instructors.  Regardless of your background, becoming a Franklin Method® Educator will rewire your own body for self-healing and efficient function. Plus, you’ll get a whole new toolbox of skills and exercises to share with your students and enhance your existing modalities.

What’s being said about it?

“The Franklin Method will do more to improve your teaching of any kind of movement than any other system or program I have studied. If you want to become the best teacher you can be, take this program!”

Nora St. John (Director of Education at Balanced Body)

“The Franklin Method heralds a revolution in dance training that will create more intelligent teachers and dancers.”

Tamara Searle (Dance Informa Magazine)

“The Franklin Training is the most intelligent approach to learning about the workings of the body I have ever attended. It is not just information, it is the experience of our design as we learn, that is transforming”.

Tom McCook (Director of Center Of Balance)


Date: March 4
Time: 9:30 am - 5:30 pm
Cost: $1000


The Space Dance & Arts Centre

318 Chapel Street
Prahran, Vic 3181 Australia

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(03) 9529 3949

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