Bea Glendenning

Experiential anatomy for healthy foot function

“Our feet are our foundation,” says biomechanics educator Bea Glendenning of I Can Move. “To build a strong foundation, you must make it heavy and wide. Our feet are also our propulsion, and we want our propulsion platform to be light and narrow. A healthy foot switches between these two modes in a spilt second.” […]

Bea Glendenning - I can move

Advanced Teaching Methods for Posture and Pirouettes

Posture and Pirouettes: Cueing the dancer is one of a series of workshops run by biomechanics educators Bea Glendenning and Sophie Louise Briggs. During their workshops, Glendenning and Briggs expertly guide participants through experiential anatomy and movement exercises, drawing on insights from the Franklin Method, to refine dance technique and teaching skills. Click here to read […]